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Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh

MD-Medicine, DM (Hematology-AIIMS)

Senior Consultant and Head,

Department of Hemato-Oncology & BMT, Artemis Hospital

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Our Specialities


BMT Facility

Bone Marrow Transplant in our JCI accredited hospital is a state of art unit with one of the best teams of India comprising of world class doctors trained at the top institutes and exceptionally dedicated nursing staff providing highest quality of nursing care. The BMT unit houses one of the most advanced infrastructure of the country with its infection control policies, positive pressure and HEPA-filtered rooms designed scientifically for prevention of infections.

The BMT unit performs bone marrow transplants/ hematopoietic stem cell transplants for cancerous and non-cancerous blood disorders with special focus on complex cases with allogenic (Matched sibling, haplo-identical and MUD) and autologous BMT.

The hospital is successfully running a unique and highly acclaimed HSCT program for multiple sclerosis offered to patients across the globe.

The unit is backed up by the in-house world class blood bank, lab services including hematopathology/ microbiology and histopathology services, radiology department, sophisticated intensive care unit/ critical care unit with advanced life saving equipments including Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and allied specialities like cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, nephrology, surgical oncology, pulmonary medicine, radiation oncology, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery and various other departments helping in the management of complex and very high risk diseases.

BMT unit at our center is equipped with 14 beds with HEPA filter and positive pressure ventilation with 2 extra step-down HDU beds. Having highly qualified, experienced and dedication nursing staff well trained in managing neutropenic patients.

Each and every step in BMT unit is mandated by the SOPs. BMT facility at our center is managed by 2 efficient coordinators who work effortlessly in planning and implementing the BMTs.

Our center is accredited by national (Datri, BMST) and international transplant registries like US-NMDP and German DKMS.



We have the highly efficient facility of managing aggressive induction chemotherapy for acute leukemia and other diseases like lymphoma and myeloma. Our facility also provides chemotherapy for all kinds of solid cancers as well under the medical oncology division of the department by Dr Vineet Govinda Gupta. Chemotherapy is being given by specialized nurses of ous department who are well trained in handling chemotherapy.


Day Care

10 bedded daycare unit is available in the hospital which can provide chemotherapy, blood transfusions and other IV medications for mainly solid cancer patients and also for hematological malignancy cases. The day care center runs from 8 am to 8 pm and caters almost 30 patients per day.


Blood Bank Service

We have fully functional Blood bank at Artemis providing all the blood components (NAT tested), irradiated blood products, therapeutic plasma exchange, platelet and leukapheresis, diagnostic blood bank services (irregular antibody screening), Donor Lymphocyte Infusions, cryopreservations and Stem Cell Apheresis.


Lab Services

Lab services: We have in-house diagnostic services like bone marrow, flow cytometry, coagulation tests, molecular tests and HLA typing, provided by highly trained hemato-pathologist.